Macromolecular Science and Engineering Program

Timothy E. Long


Dr. Timothy E. Long
Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Long's research goal is to integrate fundamental research in novel macromolecular structure and polymerization processes with the development of high performance macromolecules for advanced technologies. Research efforts are focused on the synthesis and characterization of novel macromolecules using unique combinations of step-growth and chain polymerization processes. Special attention is directed towards the synthesis of well-defined macromolecular architectures using living and controlled polymerization methodologies. Living anionic and stable free radical chain polymerization processes allow us to design macromolecules with predictable monomer sequence, unique functionality, branched topologies, and interesting combinations of polymer stereochemistry. Step-growth polymerization efforts are currently focused on the minimization of conventional organic solvents and the development of environmentally benign polymerization processes. Ionic and hydrogen bond containing liquid crystalline polymers are prepared in the absence of solvents resulting in new high performance polymers for miniaturized electronics applications. In addition, recent efforts have focused on the preparation of novel A2B phosphine oxide containing monomers and the preparation of hyperbranched polymers containing a periphery of phenol functionality. In-situ near- and mid-infrared spectroscopy has enabled us to probe both chain and step-growth polymerization processes in real-time and permitted the elucidation of complex polymerization mechanisms and kinetics.

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