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If  you are not a MII Industrial Partner and are interested in becoming a partner, check
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Industrial Partnership Program


The MII Industrial Partners Program, originally set up to facilitate the development of strong relationships between individual MII faculty members and Industrial Partners organizations, has recently undergone some revision to introduce a variety of new benefits in addition to previous benefits (Brochure).  These include the ability to offer complimentary consulting services live or through video conferencing, complimentary or discounted tuitions for the web-based training modules, and a new means to facilitate specimen testing and interpretation.  It is believed that these offerings will allow for the development and expansion of very close working relationships with those companies that choose to participate in this fashion.  Industrial Partners membership is available at several levels, each of which carries a specific number of complimentary or reduced fee benefits as shown in the Industrial Partners brochure.  Voting members also have weighted votes in prioritizing and selecting Industrial Partners sponsored research initiatives. MII's current Industrial Affiliate Companies:



Contributing Partners

Alteco Korea Inc.

The Dow Chemical Company
PPG Industries

Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC




Research Partners

Government Sponsors

Bayer MaterialScience

Army Research Laboratories

Chevron-Phillips Chemical Company LLC

National Science Foundation

Eastman Chemical Company

Procter & Gamble

Sabic Innovative Plastics

Kraton Performance Polymers Inc.



If your company is interested in joining the MII family as an Industrial Partners or you need additional details on this or other programs, contact Tammy Jo Hiner by phone at (540) 231-6824 or by e-mail at thiner@vt.edu, Timothy E. Long at (540) 231-2480 or by e-mail at telong@vt.edu or Charles E. Frazier at (540) 231-8318 or by email at cfrazier@vt.edu.

For more detailed information: Industrial Partners Program


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