We are the Macromolecules Innovation Institute at Virginia Tech (MII), a university-wide research and education institute, representing a group of faculty, students, and staff dedicated to fostering an interdisciplinary understanding of  the macromolecular sciences and technologies. Collectively, we offer a variety of educational, research, and professional interaction opportunities to our students.  We also provide industry collaborators with training opportunities through short courses and offer opportunities for unique collaboration through sharing our laboratories, facilities, and expertise.

MII is supported by direct funding from Virginia Tech and by industry through the MII Research Partner Program.

The purpose of MII is to unify Virginia Tech’s internationally recognized interdisciplinary program in macromolecular and interfacial science and engineering.   Graduate and undergraduate education in an interdisciplinary macromolecular science environment prepare Virginia Tech students for success in a variety of careers in the research, engineering, and technology enterprise. Students conduct basic and applied research in a unique cross-disciplinary environment which is often necessary to solve technologically important problems that often have relevance to answering specific industrial questions.

MII is led by a Director, an Associate Director, a Director of the MACR Degree Program, Administrative and Technical Staff.

MII is a university-wide institute and reports to the Office of Vice President of Research.  It is guided by a Stakeholders Committee currently headed by the Dean of the College of Science.