Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

  • MACR 5015/5016: Macromolecular Fundamentals with Laboratory I/II (3 cr) 
  • CHEM/CHE 5014 : Technical Oral Communications and Presentation Methods (1 cr.) 
  • MACR 5024: Writing Skills for Macromolecular Science and Engineering (1 cr.)
  • Technical Concentration Area (9 cr. from one program module)
  • MACR Elective Courses (6 cr. from any remaining program modules)
  • General Electives (9 cr.)
  • MACR 7994: Research and Dissertation (minimum of 58 cr.)

Total Program Hours: 90

Masters of Science (M.S.)

  • Same core requirement as Ph.D., except 6 credit hours from technical concentration area and 4 credit hours from remaining MACR modules.
  • MACR 5994: Research and Thesis (minimum of 10 cr.)

Total Program Hours: 32


Student Resources

Choosing a Faculty Advisor
Faculty Interview Signature Form
Faculty Advisor Selection Form

Annual Evaluations
Students must submit to an annual evaluation by their Advisory Committees each academic year.  First year students are evaluated by their Faculty Advisors.  Students should prepare a Graduate Student Annual Progress Report and a Research Update Form and submit them to the Graduate Program Coordinator at least one week prior to the Advisory Committee meeting for distribution to Committee members, or the Faculty Advisor in the case of first year students.  The Faculty Advisor prepares a MACR Annual Evaluation Form in consultation with the student’s Advisory Committee.

The completed Annual Evaluation Form should be submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator (Kim Felix, 1075 Life Science Circle, Suite 110) for submission to the Graduate School.

Links for Various Forms

Advancements to Candidacy Requirements
MACR M.S. Checklist 
MACR Ph.D. Checklist

Additional Required Forms
Emergency Contact Information and Release Form