2016 REU Students

The 2016 NSF REU program which consisted of 15 undergraduates took place at Virginia Tech. Students, affiliations, and faculty sponsors are listed below. Research abstracts are available here.

Hannah Cornell (Wake Forest University), Faculty Mentor:  Louis A. Madsen
“NMR studies of Water in Aceylated and Unmodified Wood”

Keyton  Feller (University of Wisconsin Platteville), Faculty Mentor:  Christopher Williams
“3D Printing of Ceramic Suspensions using Microstereolithography toward Water and Gas Filtration ”

Anna Fraser (University of Tennessee),  Faculty Mentor:  Judy Riffle
“Synthesis and Characterization of Post-Modified Polybenzimidazole Membranes for Gas Separation of H2 and CO”

Thomas Cotey (Case Western Reserve University), Faculty Mentor:  Richey Davis
“Design and Fabrication of Chitosan Nanoparticles for the Delivery of Rosmarinic Acid,”

Brittany Huffman (University of Virginia), Faculty Mentor:  Amanda Morris
“A Study of the Electrocatalytic Activity of Metal-Organic Framework PCN-223 in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction”

Christopher Long (University of Virginia), Faculty Mentor:   Bradford Mills
“Characteristics or Culture?: Determinants of Household Energy Use Behavior in China, Germany, and the USA”

Alyssa Melvin (Gannon University), Faculty Mentor: Robert Moore
“Membrane Capacitive Deionization Using Electrospun Carbon Nanofibrous Electrodes ”

Amy Plechacek (Virginia Tech), Faculty Mentor:  John Chermak
“Trace Element Analysis of Gas Shales by Laser Ablation ICP-MS: Implications for Mobility ”

Nathan Spear (Purdure University), Faculty Mentor: John Matson
“Alkyl Modification of Block Copolymers as a Means to Tailor Controlled Release”

Maria Stang (The Ohio State Univesity), Faculty Mentor:  Blake Johnson
“3D Printed Biosensor for Food and Water Safety”

Limor Steinberg (University of Virginia), Faculty Mentor:  Timothy Long
“Synthesis of Biosourced, Isocyanate-free Polyureas as Controlled-Release Fertilizers”

Maria Vratsanos (Case Western Reserve University), Faculty Mentor:  Christopher Williams
“Novel Photocurable Molecules for Stereolithography with Electrochemical and Biomedical Applications”

Noah Griggs (Virginia Tech), Faculty Mentor:  Gorden Yee
“Synthesis of Phthalonitrile-Containing Siloxane Polymers for Semiconductor Power Module”

Killian Horatz (University of Cologne), Faculty Mentor:  Timothy Long
“Ion-containing Polycaprolactone-based Copolymers for 3D Printing Biodegradable Devices for Agriculture ”

Sarah Wollman (Virginia Tech), Faculty Mentor:  Louis Madsen
“Fabrication and Understanding of a Polymer Electrolyte for Battery Applications”